Saturday, 19 March 2011

Red Nose Cake Balls

I'm really sorry for posting this late, I know its not Red Nose Day anymore but I still wanted to share these with you.  Yesterday ended up being far busier than I expected and I only had time to take the photo's.  So for anyone who doesn't know, it was Red Nose Day yesterday for Comic Relief where they try and raise as much money as possible for vulnerable people here in the UK and in Africa.  

I just so happened to be going to a little house warming party last night with my Mum and decided that some kind of Red Nose themed cake was needed.  So, inspired by the lovely Bakerella, I decided to make some cake balls since I didn't have any lollypop sticks needed for Cake Pops.  I wanted them to be roughly the same size as the actual red nose's that you buy in the shops, so they were pretty big. 

Anyways my idea didn't really go to plan as you can probably tell, they didn't end up like I wanted looks wise but they taste amazing.  Who knew that just by mixing sponge cake and buttercream together that you'd get such an incredible tasting cake!  I will definately be trying to make them again, my only problem is covering them with melted chocolate. 
Now, anytime I try and do anything with melted chocolate I end up in a right mess.  Chocolate everywhere, nothing looking how I wanted and the chocolate always starts to harden before I've had chance to do anything!  But I won't give in, I am going to master working with melted day...

For the chocolate cake and buttercream I used the same recipe as I did here for my Mint Choc Chip cupcakes just without the chocolate chunks and peppermint essence. 
They are really simple to make, just crumble up your chocolate cake into a bowl and add in the buttercream.  Give it a good stir to mix it all together and once combined you can take out spoonfuls and shape into balls.  Place the cake balls onto a tray covered with greaseproof paper and chill in the fridge for a few hours.  Finally you can cover them with melted chocolate (I used white chocolate with red food colouring) and decorate however you wish. 
My plan was to try and make them look just like the Red Nose's that I'd bought but after the mess I had with the melted chocolate I gave up and covered them in edible glitter instead!


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