Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mint Aero Cupcakes

I just had to share these with you.  I made them with my Nephew the other week and they are just amazing.  The flavour is incredible.  I took my Nephew for a walk round to the local shop one morning in search of your normal-nothing-special mint chocolate bars to put into some cupcakes.  Yet I couldn't find any anywhere and just as we were about to head back I spotted the Aero's hiding on one of the shelves.  I grabbed a couple, not sure if they'd work or not and headed home.
Turns out that chopped up mint Aero's in a cupcake are one of the most amazing things ever.  It's rather strange how they cooked and I wish I'd taken a photo of the inside of one but the delicious bubbly inside of the Aero's completely disappeared.  All that was left was a tiny hole and a pale green colouring to the sponge where it had once been.  However the mint chocolate flavour had somehow infused through the whole cupcake.

A recipe really isn't needed here, just add a few chopped up mint Aero bars to your favourite vanilla cupcake mix and once cooked top with vanilla buttercream and a chunk of mint Aero.

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