Wednesday, 26 January 2011


So at first I wasn't going to post this, I mean flapjack isn't the most exciting thing to find on a baking blog but sometimes you need something simple and classic which is exactly what flapjack is.
I have always, and still do, hate shop bought flapjack.  I can't stand the stuff.  It tastes of cardboard, smells like cardboard and looks like cardboard.  Theres only one shop bought flapjack that I've ever kind of liked.  I'm lucky to have a great little bakery only two minutes away which we often frequent, and they do an amazing flapjack which is half covered in chocolate.  This is the only flapjack I've eaten in years, aside from my Mums occasional homemade version.  Whilst my Mums is great, it has a tendancy to break your teeth if it's left longer than a day.
And so my mission to find a truely great flapjack begins.  I think anyone keen on cooking or baking has a few different recipes that they are always in search of improving and finding the best of.  With a lot of baking bloggers it seems to be the elusive perfect brownie.  Of which I am still looking for.  For me I want to find a really good flapjack recipe, as I don't think you can go wrong with good basic recipes. 
This particular flapjack recipe I found when watching the BBC's new baking programme 'Baking Made Easy' presented by model turned baker Lorraine Pascale.  I'm enjoying the programme so far, the recipes are really simple and easy to follow and she's covered some good basic's as well.

You can find the recipe here.  As for my verdict on the flapjack?  Its lovely and soft and chewy, a great flavour too.  But for me its just not sweet enough, I do agree with the recipe that it would be great as a quick breakfast.  Though maybe mix in some dried fruits at least.  Definately one to try if you don't like your flapjack too sweet.

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