Sunday, 21 November 2010

Tiffin/Refridgerator Cake

Tiffin or Refridgerator Cake, whatever you want to call it, is one of those things that you can make quickly without too much hassle and without worrying about weighing everything perfectly.  All you need to do is chuck a load of things into some melted chocolate, butter and golden syrup and you're nearly done. 

This ease and no fuss style is represented by my Mums recipe for Tiffin, well if you can call it a recipe that is.  It's a small scrap of paper on which is written "biscuits, choc, golden syrup, sultana's, cherries, 2oz marg".  Thats it.  Only one actual measurement, no step by step instructions, no faffing about.  Just simple and straight to the point.

So when I decided to whip some up a few days ago, I combined this list with a recipe I found in Cupcakes, Muffins & More by Love Food.  My Mum got me this recipe book a few months ago and I've not got round to using it much yet.  The first thing I made from it was some melt in the middle chocolate cupcakes which you serve warm and they were very successful, apart from the fact that my camera broke whilst taking photo's of them!

When I made these I slightly underestimated how much chocolate I needed as I didn't really have a lot in the house, so I just went ahead anyway.  It wasn't a disaster but I did end up with one half of the tray not having any chocolate topping!  I also had a minor problem when I was melting some chocolate, I did it the way you are supposed to i.e. in a bowl over a pan of gently simmering water.  Yet it did not turn out, I seem to be incapable of melting chocolate this way.  Which is why I tend to just stick the bowl in the microwave for 10 second bursts until its all melted! 
Mishaps aside, it turned out ok in the end, it even looked pretty good once I cut it all up.

Tiffin/Refridgerator Cake - Adapted from a few different recipes

75g margarine
3 tsbp golden syrup
350g chocolate, roughly chopped (I used a mix of milk and dark)
175g digestive biscuits, roughly broken
70g glace cherries
80g raisins

For the Topping:
35g margarine
250g milk chocolate

Decoration (optional):
50g white chocolate, melted

1.  Grease a cake tin of your choice, deep or shallow depending on how you thick you want your cake.  I used a tin that was about 27x18cm.
2.  Put the chocolate, margarine and golden syrup in a small pan and heat gently until melted. 
3.  Bash up the biscuits and add to the chocolate mix, along with the cherries and raisins.  Stir until combined.
4.  Pour into the tin and roughly level the surface.  Chill in the fridge for about an hour.
5.  Melt the milk chocolate and butter, then pour over the chilled mix.  Put back into the fridge until set.
6.  Melt the melt chocolate and roughly flick over the top of the cake with a spoon.  Put back in the fridge and let it set.


  1. My hubby adores this type of treat, I think I may have to fit this in next week. x

  2. They are pretty good, perfect for a quick chocolate fix too.
    Did you make any in the end?