Friday, 17 September 2010

Top Five: Cake stands

My new stand from Tesco

Having just got myself a new cake stand (or rather after my lovely Mum bought me one) I can't stop myself looking for more. There's something charming and homely about cake stands that I just can't help but love. However until I have a place of my own or my bedroom miraculously triples in size I have no free space to store them.
So if you like this is my little wish list.

I love this, its so fancy and proper. It looks like it should only be brought out at very fancy dinner parties.

Wire Cupcake tree
Now these are amazing, I think they are great and such fun. If I had one of these I'd want it permanently on show filled with cupcakes...that actually sounds like a good life!

When I chose the stand above it was a toss between that and this Time for Tea stand, I love both but the Poppy stand won.

I love all things spotty and retro, and red just happens to be my all time favourite colour therefore this stand couldn't be any more perfect!

This wire basket stand is incredible, I've not seen anything like it before. The vintage charmit has would be great for a tea party.

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