Sunday, 26 September 2010

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Sorry for the lack of updates, I meant to post this sooner but I've been pretty ill the past week.
Anyways, Lemon Drizzle cake has got to be one of my all time favourite cakes.  A good one is delicously moist, has a lovely lemon flavour that isn't too tangy or barely there and has the most amazing hard lemon sugar topping.  So why on earth I've never tried making one before is beyond me.  A quick search on the internet a couple of weeks ago found me a recipe that looked pretty simple, and a few extra ingredients on the supermarket shopping list a couple of days later got me everything that I needed.  And so all that was left to do was bake it.

The recipe that I've used was literally the first entry from my google search, its from the BBC's Good Food website and is by Tana Ramsay.  I'll definately be using it again, in fact I've already had requests to make it for other people.  The sponge is incredibly moist and the lemon flavour certainly comes through.  Though next time I might be tempted to add a little more zest to the mixture and possible a teaspoon or two of lemon juice.
You need a loaf tin to make drizzle cake (though I'm sure you could use a normal round cake tin if you don't have one), the recipe says to use a 8x21cm tin however I don't have a tin that size.  I ended up using a tin about 12x19cm which was a good size for the amount of mix.  Don't forget it will rise up a fair bit whilst cooking.  This tin made a good sized cake but next time I will probably use two smaller (9x19cm) tins. 

As you'll see in a minute, my drizzle topping didn't exactly turn out according to plan.  I think I made a couple of mistakes!  Firstly I probably put about 10 too many holes in the top of my cake, and secondly I doubled the amount of lemon juice for the drizzle without bothering to double the sugar too.  Therefore it was runnier (is that a word!? Oh well it is now!) than what it should have been, also the sugar had more liquid to dissolve into. 
Oh well at least I know what to do for next time!  You never know if you don't try right.
So the recipe, as I said, you can find it here at the BBC's Good Food website.  The cake itself will keep pretty well in an airtight container, it will stay fresh for about 4 days or so.  But we still had some left after 8 days and although you could tell it wasn't fresh it was still moist and tasted good too.

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